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yo check it, my flo is serious


just fucked this stank ass bitch
her pussy smelled like cheese
just fucked this stank ass bitch
made her get on her knees
she said she got a baby daddy
but its aight wit me
nigga is jealous when im rollin in my caddy
with his bitch bent over the seat
a hat dont get as much head as me
i roll wit da fine ass dimes u punks only get to see on tv
i fuck bitches raw wit my huge hamster dick
five 0 always on my ass and i aint do shit
racists pigs tryna hold a nigga down
doin 90 on tha hwy i fling my poo at em
just cuz my glock aint no where 2 be found
its so hard bein a gangsta ass hamster
eatin wood chips all day n smokin dried corn
drinkin musty ass water
yall dont know what ghetto is until u sleep in ya own shit

shit is off da hook right? anyway i juss got back from da doctor n he said i got VD. dam , nicca never get a break. its da white man holdin me down, thats why i got VD. yall its a conspiraci or sumthin cuz tha white man created VD just so the black man(hamster) could get it. juss like AIDS is a homo virus. yo n i cant wear rubbers cus my dick too big. dam its hot as hell in this cage, wtf is that bitch doin? settin her room on fire? i swear imma escape this cage one day

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