larry's taken over (leethehamster) wrote,
larry's taken over


dante got shot in the face! i was all "dam nigga they shot you in tha face". he still alive tho. i was laughing my ass off at his dumb tail. he was drivin down to brooklyn park, a white trash neighborhood n some white bitch popped a cap in his GRILL. im like YO u wuz posed to score me sum weed down there not get shot in the face.dante always on sum dumb shit. then i got his bitch callin me sayin its my fault n i should have neva been born. bitch got issuess

n wussup wit my neighbors playin sum gay ass country music? dont they know that dre n snoop dogg r tha only real niggas? garth brook aint a real nigga he just a punk. he remind me of dante. awww snap! pick yo face up dante if u readin dis. prolly aint tho since he got shot in the face. two burns in a row hahahah . fake ass bobby brown aint even got a skinny herion addict bitch. dood im so high

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