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1)What keeps you going? What motivates you to "not give up" ? (in life): Bitchez n ho's , dro's n clothes n 24 fo's
2)What do you find more satisfying, movies or books?: None. i'd take sum head tho
3)If you could be in any profession, what would it be?: A pimp cuz i'd have my pick of the fine hos n still get paid wut now
4)What profession would you NEVER take part in, no matter how great the money?: work @ burger king
5)When you meet God at the pearly white gates, what would you like him to say to you?(let's just pretend God does exhist and it's a man, for fun?): he'd say "nigga i is proud of u. werd we got sum fine ass hos waitin fo' yo ass"

6)What's your favorite curse word?: suckmydickbitch
7)Favorite sound?: my cum hittin her face n the sound of food in muh dish
8)Least favorite sound?: next door neighbors blastin country music
9)Scared of death? wish for an early death?Don't think about it?: i ant never scared
10)Comedy, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi? Pick your fav: yo why aint u put "hamster porn"? dats my answer, babay babay!

11)Every have any sick/dirty thoughts that you would never tell a soul?: yes this wun time when i woke up drunk in mexico with sum white bitch in my this cage that wasnt even mine, i stuck it in her ass n bounced
12)Done something you're ashamed about? it's ok, you can tell me!: aint no shame in dis playas game
13)Is it ok to tell lies? Even if they're only little white ones?: u can lie so long as its da truth. ya know
14)Guilty Pleasures?: runnin on muh hamster wheel so i can lose da extra fat in my thighs
15)A nasty habit of yours is: takin a big fat shit in muh cage n lettin it melt onto my beddin
16)Sexism: yo sex is good
17)Racism: damn honkey white muthafuccas
18)Criticism: huh whats that mean
19Alcoholism: drink till i die, spill a 40 on da sidewalk fo muh homeboy donell
20)Rankism(Yes, it's a word. Means judging someone due to their social status): dood u is jus makin up werds now, wtf?

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