larry's taken over (leethehamster) wrote,
larry's taken over

guess whos back

If you guessed lee then yes you're correct. Where do I begin? Well for starters, Larry the gangsta thug who took over my apartment is gone! He was arrested for trying to blow up a phone booth. I had my baby and everything is fine now. Well, not everything. My cage is a mess! Larry treated it like a pussy pad, and that's what it smells like! He has red! It's just 1970s. I talked to him before he was taken to jail. He didn't go into the entire story about him trying to blow up the phone booth(I swear he's such an imbecile) but he did mention that he was trying to grow an afro. He's going to jail and he's worrying about his hair style?

Well, it's back to life as a pathetic little hamster. Stuck in a cage. Cest la vie

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